November 2023
Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year
Breaking the wall to musical medicine
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October 2023
Performers(‘) Present International Artistic Research
Plenary Presentation: Putting One’s Heart Into Music – The Musical Journey

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore, Friday, 27 October, 12.30pm
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October 2023Science Museum Lates | Turn it Up !
HeartFM and Tachy-tiles

Science Museum London, UK, Thursday, 20 October, 7:30-7:50, 8:15-8:35, 9-9:20
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September 2023
Society for Psychophysiological Research | President’s Symposium: The Psychophysiology of Music
Organiser: Julian Thayer
Speakers: Psyche Loui, Petr Janata, Elaine Chew, Stephane Guetin

New Orleans Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, USA, Friday, 29 September, 10:30-12pm
June 2023Barts 900 Lecture-demonstration
The Musical Heart – Cardiac health and pathology through a musical lens
Elaine Chew and Pier Lambiase

Morris Lecture Theatre, Robin Brooke Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 28 June
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June 2023Cheltenham Science Festival | Music Data Live
Panellists: Oded Ben-Tal, Federico Reuben, Elaine Chew, Franziska Schroeder, David Dolan, Emily Howard, Robin Laney, Nicola Dibben

HeartFM show and tell by Elaine Chew
Musicians (Set 1): David Dolan and Oded Ben-Tal
Musicians (Set 2): Franziska Schroeder and Federico Reuben

Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham, UK, 8.30pm
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April 2023Danish Operations Research Society | Applications of OR
Plenary lecture and HeartFM demo by Elaine Chew

Elgar Salut d’Amour
Performer: Elaine Chew
Principal Listener: Dario Pacino, President of DORS, Associate Professor in Transport Optimization at DTU Management

Industriens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10am
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March 2023Science Gallery London | Music, Heart, Brain, Data
HeartFM show and tell by Elaine Chew and Pier Lambiase

Schubert Trio Op.100 Andante con moto
Performers: Hilary Sturt, Ian Pressland, Elaine Chew
Principal Listener: Denis Noble

Data collection by Courtney Reed and Mateusz Soliñski
Data visualisation by Mateusz Soliñski and Lawrence Fyfe
Event organised by Sally Marlow and Elaine Chew
September 2022DAFx20in22 | On musical hearts and heart music
Keynote with HeartFM demo by Elaine Chew

Beethoven 32 Variations WoO80, Variation XXXII
Performer: Elaine Chew

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
April 2022Les Rencontres Lyonnaises de Cardiologie
Music: A mechanism for cardiology insights
HeartFM demo by Elaine Chew

Lyon, France
April 20228éme Journées annuelles de la filière Cardiogen résérvées aux professionnels de santé
What does music tell us about heart rhythm disorders, what does the heart tell us about music?
Conference Exceptionnelle by Elaine Chew

Université de Bordeaux, Campus Victoire, Bordeaux, France
October 2021Heart Rhythm Congress Lifelong Learning | Music: An Underutilised Tool in Neurocardiology?
Elaine Chew and Pier Lambiase discuss music, heart, brain interactions

June 2020European Heart Rhythm Association Essentials 4 You | Cardiac Response to Live Music Performance
Elaine Chew and Pier Lambiase present research on pacemaker patients listening to music